Many of us feel unsure about the future of our planet and its people, from catastrophic wildfires burning across Australia to anxiety about contracting coronavirus.

Yet one thing thing is for sure: we must continue to fight around the world to protect animals.

Here are some ways you can shield animals from your own home’s comfort and security.

It is essential to know that the coronavirus pandemic dominating the news cycles is assumed to originate from a wet market in China. As the potential culprits, animals that are poached from the wild and sold in these markets are blamed.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to constantly to fight for wild animals around the world and put an end to trade in wild animals exploited for traditional medicine, meat, or pets.

Factory farming is not only one of the most important contributors to climate change, but it is also the biggest contributor globally to animal cruelty. Horrifyingly, the US has one of the world’s largest meat consumption rates of any major country. This is something that if we’re going to protect animals and the environment, we need to radically improve.

Fortunately, in restaurants around the world, plant-based meat alternatives are becoming more and more popular. The love of these meat substitutes for fast food saves more than a quarter of a million animals per year. It’s unbelievable!

In this age of #SocialDistancing, we know that everyone’s commitment to exchanging information and light-hearted content has shifted to global media. By encouraging the welfare of animals on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, now is the ideal time to strengthen our work and the cause you believe in.

As such, Repost, retweet, and share our updates, but give out those handy acts that we informed you about earlier as well. Details on how to save animals is easier than ever to communicate.