Animals in Games: The 8 Most Popular Video Game Pets

Video games are a popular pastime that is enjoyed by many all over the world, the games range in theme and genre but one thing that many of us enjoy is when gaming companies provide us with an in-game pet to take along with us on our virtual adventures. Pets within video games range in complexity but one thing that I’m sure we can agree upon is that they make the game a whole lot funnier.  


Minecraft Dogs

Minecraft is a popular adventure and survival game with very simple but iconic graphics that provide a cute but immersive feel to the player’s experience, depending on the mode of which you choose to play on most Minecraft survival servers you will find a wide range of animals looking to be tamed. One of the most iconic animals within the game would have to be the classic dog or wolf which once fed some bones will follow and attack mobs in your area for you. No Minecraft adventure is complete without a few animals by your side and as dogs are both functional and adorable they would be a perfect choice.  


Minecraft Ocelot

If dogs are not for you then do not worry the Minecraft world is home to a range of different creatures for you to choose from, it seems that these days people are either a cat or dog people do for those of you that prefer the more feline option you may want to go on the hunt for an ocelot to tame. Usually spawning in the jungle biome areas of your world you can tame an ocelot using fish that you have found in dungeons or by fishing in natural water sources.  


Minecraft Parrot

As mentioned before thanks to the recent updates to the Minecraft game there are a number of different animals that you can choose to have as pets, so without mentioning them all a final honorable mention of a pet you should definitely get in your next game would be a parrot. Parrots are beautifully designed within the Minecraft game and like most animals will follow you around once you have tamed them with seeds, you can find parrots in areas with trees and if you want to bring them down from the sky simply gold the seeds in your hand and they will fly towards you.  


GTA Chop

Another game featuring a very popular pet would have to be Grand Theft Auto Five, when you play as Franklin you will have the option to visit your adorable dog chop when you get home. No matter what level of the home you upgrade to you will always find chop waiting at home for a game of catch, you can even take chop out onto the street with you where he will attack anyone who gets in your way. Chop is a great addition to a game with so many possibilities in terms of the storyline so enjoy this feature when you next play.  



Although he is not considered a pet in the most recent Mario games in the classics Yoshi was a pet to Mario and Luigi, in the classic versions you could ride Yoshi for extra speed, larger jumps, and some pretty amazing and powerful special moves to be used on your enemies. It seems that this character was so popular that he grew to become the playable character that is included in most games under the Mario and Luigi franchise, he is quick, strong, and cute so what is there not to love about him. 




If you are a fan of pets in games then look no further than the game that is solely about how well you can look after a virtual dog, Nintendogs is a classic video game that was first released on the Nintendo DS. The game starts by choosing your preferred dog and once you have gone through the naming process the game becomes very simple, you must look after your dog to the best of your ability and train it to level up and open up new toys that can be used in the free play section.  


Mega Man Rush

A classic pet to be added to a classic game would have to be the inclusion of rush the dog in the Mega Man series, this cute red robotic dog joined the game to help Mega Man complete his mission. He was then later included as a special move for the Mega Man character in the Smash Brothers game which was a nice homage to the classic Mega Man games. Rush is a classic pet that adds a new dimension to the game and it would be hard to imagine it without being able to destroy the enemies without him by your side.  



Another game that would be perfect for those of you that are fans of virtual pets would have to be the Pokemon games, these games have been going for a very long time now, and although they may not be your traditional style of pet their adorable faces and excellent designs make for a whole lot of fun. The great thing about Pokemon is that no matter what you like there will be a Pokemon that you just can’t say no to, and before you know it you’ve spent hours and hours expanding and training your team to be the very best.