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Dog Tips And Advice When you adopt a dog or puppy there is a lot of things you need to consider to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy. The site below offers a lot of information and tips on keeping a dog that you may find useful. Dogs and Puppies Leave a comment Posted in Dogs

A Clean Rabbit Hutch = One Happy Bunny! Oh the joy of cleaning out the rabbit hutch is a chore that nobody looks forward to doing, however it is important to clean out your rabbit’s hutch regularly to prevent build up of bacteria from urine and droppings which could result in your rabbit becoming ill. One thing to consider if you haven’t bought your rabbit hutch yet is to get one with a plastic floor or built in plastic tray. These are much easier to clean and a lot more hygienic for your pet rabbit. It will also help preserve the life of your rabbit hutch as urine will eventually rot the bottom of the hutch if it is not protected. Here are a few useful tips to follow when cleaning out your rabbit hutch. How often should you clean out your rabbit hutch? The rabbit hutch should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week

Disinfect the rabbit hutch especially the floor and toilet area

Dispose of all bedding, shavings and linings and replace with new.

Aim to remove a build up of droppings every day. One easier way it to introduce a litter tray into the area your rabbit uses as a toilet. Rabbits are easy to litter train as they always toilet in one area. Therefore you can simply empty the tray daily and replace.

  • Remove left over food such as vegetables that are beginning to rot every couple of day
  • Ensure that feeding bowls and water bowls/bottles are cleaned

Replace with fresh food and water daily. Fresh Water Supply – Why is it important? It is important to check your rabbit’s water bottle and change the water frequently. Stagnant water can cause a build up of green algae. If this occurs steralise the bottle with hot water and vinegar. If the algae is still present then replace the bottle. Once you establish a regular routine then you will find it much easier to clean out your rabbit hutch. Include all the family and encourage them to help make it a more enjoyable experience. It will also give you peace of mind that your rabbit hutch is being cleaned properly and that your bunny is a happy one! Still looking for a rabbit hutch? Super Pet Shack offer a wide range of quality made rabbit hutches. Choose from single hutches, rabbit hutches with under runs to rabbit hutches with exercise runs all at best prices on the web! If you find them cheaper elsewhere then let us know and we will try and beat it! rabbit hutches, rabbit hutches for sale | Leave a comment Posted in Rabbit Hutches rabbits | Tagged rabbit hutch care tips

Dog Kennels and Runs – What You Need To Consider When Buying Choosing dog kennels and runs can become a tricky task with many factors to consider when choosing the right one to suit your requirements. It is chosen as a solution for several reasons: To keep your dog safe and secure from possible dangers – especially if your dog is constantly escaping from your house or garden.

It will keep your dog in a confined area to help protect your garden and home from damage such as chewing, tearing and digging – especially if you have a young or untrained dog that has a tendency to be destructive!

Security – it may serve as added security for your home or office/work place acting as a deterrent to potential burglars and thieves

It may be used as part of a training programme to help discipline your dog and get them into a stable routine.

It may be used for working dogs who will spend the majority of time living outside in a kennel and run

It may also be adapted to also keep cats, ferrets and other small animals within a secure environment. Types of Dog Kennels & Runs There is a number of different styles and sizes of dog kennels and runs on the market. It is therefore important to do some thorough research on the internet before buying. Things you may want to consider is where the kennel will be located, size of the kennel (depending on the size of your dog), do you need a double/twin for 2 dogs, what materials – wood, mesh or metal bars? Is it weather proofed? Will it be used all year round? Do you need insulation? Do you need any extras/modifications? Do you need it constructing on site? The majority of dog kennels and runs are made of tannelised wood with a run made from mesh or metal bars. However newly emerging on the market is a range of plastic dog kennels which tend to be insulated for all year round use. Additionally plastic dog kennels are very easy to clean and last much longer than wood as they will not rot or decay.

Primarily, a dog kennel and run is to provide shelter for your dog against the elements such as snow, rain and sun as well as keeping them safe and secure. There are dog kennels and runs available in various different sizes and designs depending on what suits your requirements – some come fully assembled or flat packed for self assembly. A few companies offer a construction service on site usually at an additional cost. It is also important to ensure dog kennels and runs are fully weather treated using a non-toxic animal friendly wood treatment as dogs do have a tendency to chew! If you have a limited budget then building your own dog kennel and run maybe an option in you are a confident DIYer. There are many simple, box plans available on the internet and can be constructed affordably using minimal wood and materials. NB Please ensure your dog kennel and run in constructed safely and there are no exposed nails/screws splinters or sharp edges that could cause injury. It is also advisable to raise your dog kennel off the ground, either on legs or bricks/stones. This will help the air to circulate easily and prevent damp/rain water from rising into the kennel which could cause it to rot.

Additionally male dogs do have a tendency to urinate up the side of the kennel which could contribute to rot if the kennel is on the ground. By raising it up it allows urine and water to drain away from the dog kennel. Choosing a Site for Dog Kennels And Runs Before purchasing your dog kennel and run it is important to find a suitable location for it first. Measure the site carefully to ensure you select the correct size for your location. NB it is important to bear in mind if this area will provide suitable shelter from wind, rain and the sun. Patches of shade will move during the day and therefore the kennel and run would need to have ample shelter throughout the day. They should also always have access to fresh water. You will also need a suitable foundation to place your dog kennel and run onto. Usually a concrete base is the best option as it will not get muddy or sodden with rain and can be easily hosed down to keep the dog kennel and run clean and hygienic. Security It is important to keep your dog kennels and runs secure – especially if you are leaving your dog unattended for a period of time. This will avoid the problem of your dog escaping and exposed to potential dangers. Additionally, a bored dog can become incredibly determined and destructive. It does not bear thinking about but sometimes dogs can be stolen from their kennels, therefore it is important to ensure your dog kennels and runs are properly secure using quality materials – strong mesh or metal bars and a heavy duty lock. For a wide range of quality dog kennels and runs or bespoke/made to order dog kennels and runs visit – specialists in quality animal housing and find the right one for you!