Can Your Dogs Be Causing Bed Bugs in your Home

Bed bugs are one of the worst infestations to find in your home as it makes you feel uncomfortable going to sleep every night knowing that you’re surrounded by bugs who will be trying to suck your blood. They also cause ugly-looking rashes where they bite you and many people suffer from other things after being bitten by a bed bug making them something to be very wary of. Most people aren’t sure what to do when they find bed bugs because usually by the time they’ve been discovered they’ve already laid hundreds of eggs and the problem is out of control. Many people also don’t know how they’ve ended up with bed bugs as they keep their home clean so it doesn’t make sense. As much as no one ever wants to blame their furry friend for anything, many people are beginning to think that dogs can be one of the main causes of bed bug infestations as dogs spend a lot of time outside and are more likely to bring something into your home than you. This theory is gaining a lot of traction so we’ve looked into it and we know if your dog is to blame or not. 


Is your dog to blame?

Dogs are an easy scapegoat when it comes to anything being wrong in the home as they act so differently from humans. Dogs spend a lot of time outside, they roll around in the mud, they sniff rubbish and they play with other dogs, all of these things can be unhygienic. Dogs also aren’t washed as often as humans wash so if anything was to be on your dog it’s likely it would be able to stick around for a while. Whilst all of this is making it sound like your dog is to blame, this actually isn’t the case. Whilst dogs and cats are known to have fleas, bugs do not act the same way and so they can’t live in your dog’s fur so it is unlikely that your dog is the cause of your infestation. A bed bug could get a ride from your dog into the house but this is also unlikely as bed bugs are nocturnal so they wouldn’t jump on your dog whilst they’re playing on the field in the day. 


What to do if you get bed bugs?

You’ll want to deal with the bed bug problem as soon as you’re aware it exists as the longer you leave it the worse it will get. There are many signs you might have bed bugs which is good as it means you can find the problem early if you know what to look for. If you wake up and there are any blood stains on your pillow or bedding then this could be a big giveaway that you have bed bugs and they’ve bitten you. Like any other living creature, bed bugs leave a trace that they’re there, so you should keep an eye out for droppings from bed bugs, these could be on your bedding or in other places that bed bugs may hide, and finally, they have a distinct scent, so if something smells off this could also be a sign. If you notice any of these things you should remove your bedding and inspect everywhere to see if you can figure out if bed bugs are the cause. If it is bed bugs you can try home remedies like vinegar but be prepared to call in pest control and have the experts deal with it for you.