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Why You need Pet Insurance and How to Protect your Furry Friend

Insurance is important to many people for a whole variety of things. There are many different types of insurance, some which are compulsory and some which are optional. For example, car insurance is a requirement for cars to be driving on the road, not having this insurance and driving is illegal. This is because driving is dangerous, even with strict tests to ensure everyone is ready to be on the road there are still many accidents reported daily, one couple recently were driving with their dog, and they became a lead after getting into an auto accident and this case highlighted how important pet insurance is. Their car was insured as it is a necessity, but they did not have pet insurance. Pet insurance, like life insurance, bicycle insurance, and home insurance are all optional. After compulsory insurance most people payphone insurance monthly, then house insurance is the next most widely paid for and a surprisingly low number of people pay for pet insurance. Pet insurance is just as important as any other type of insurance, once you decide to buy or adopt an animal you are ultimately responsible for their well-being and a huge part of this is making sure that they’re insured if anything were to happen to them. This article will cover why pet insurance is so important and how it helps you to protect your furry friend. 

Is pet insurance worth the cost? 

Pet insurance may seem expensive initially as it averages around $500 per year. This may seem like a huge additional expense for you during the year, but if anything happens to your pet the bill for their treatment will be much higher, on average treatments cost at least a few thousand dollars. If you think that you can afford an expensive vet bill, then you don’t need insurance, but most people find it easier to pay a small amount monthly to avoid being faced with a huge bill. It’s important to consider things like how old your animal is, for example, insurance will cost more for an older animal but it’s usually worth paying the extra as an older animal is more likely to need care.  


What pets can be insured?

The most commonly insured pets are cats and dogs as these are the most common animals who live at home with families. If you have a cat or dog, then you’re lucky on your search for insurance as most providers will provide insurance for these animals. If you have a different pet animal then your search will likely be a lot harder, for small mammals such as rabbits, there is usually available insurance but often it is not worth it as they have a much shorter life span than dogs and cats. If you have an animal like a parrot or a lizard then it’ll be much more difficult to find insurance as not many providers offer it, but with enough research, there is usually a provider in every area who can. Animals that are venomous cannot be insured under pet insurance, but you can instead look into liability insurance.  

What does pet insurance actually cover?

This is a big question that many people are confused about when looking for insurance for their pet. Whilst different providers and different insurance plans will offer different things, there are the main things that will be offered by every insurance company. These are things such as funding towards veterinary bills which are often expensive, loss of your pet or if your pet is stolen, funding towards additional treatment required for behavioral problems, death should your pet be ill or injured and in the case of dog’s, liability cover, this means that if your dog was responsible for injuring someone, the insurance company would pay out any money you owe in compensation.  


What are the types of pet insurance?

There are 3 main types of pet insurance, the 1st is life insurance. If you want the best care for your pet then this is the best type of insurance to get for them, it involves paying an annual premium and you will get lifetime coverage from that provider, no matter what happens to your pet. There is also annual insurance which is a 12-month contract for insurance, if you do this and your pet developed a condition then it will be expensive to renew your 12-month insurance at the same price, keep this in mind when deciding between lifetime and annual. The final option is the riskiest, it is accident-only cover, it’s the cheapest but also offers the least protection as it doesn’t insure against illness, only injury. Any of these insurances will help to protect your furry friend should there come a time when they need it. 

These are All the Foods You can Safely Feed your Pets

If you have ever been lucky enough to own a pet, then you will know that most animals have nothing on their mind apart from sourcing their next meal. Animals function on their basic instinct, so it is completely understandable that they find the need to ingest anything that they cross paths with.

If you are someone that has an animal, then you have definitely spent your fair share of time wrestling your pet to the ground to pry what they have managed to chew up out of their mouth. You have probably had the experience of googling every type of food in the world in order to check whether or not that food is safe for consumption.

Obviously, every species is different and different animals will be able to digest different things, but as a way to make your life a little easier we have put together a list of foods that are safe to feed your pets, so you don’t have to worry about your beloved family animal being taken out by a loose Haribo. To make it a little easier to remember, we have also broken it down into categories.

Fruit and Veg

In humans, all fruit and veg are regularly recommended and encouraged to be a big part of your diet. For humans, fruit and veg give us all of the necessary nutrients that mean that our bodies are able to function correctly and thrive. Though these fruits and vegetables may be good for us, they are not always good for your pet. For this reason, it is important to distinguish between what fruit and vegetables are good and bad for your pets.

You will be glad to know that the majority of fruit and vegetables are actually perfectly fine for your pets, in fact, it is encouraged that you try and integrate vegetables and fruits into your pet’s daily diet. However, depending on what pet you have, you do have to be careful about what fruit and veg you give your pet.

For the most part, your animal will be fine to eat any vegetables. However, much like humans, animals can react sometimes to certain vegetables. During Christmas when you get given a collection of veg that you don’t like, you may ask yourself, ‘ can dogs eat Brussel sprouts ?’. Though dogs are able to eat Brussel sprouts, it is recommended that you avoid giving them more than one. This is because, just like humans, Brussel sprouts can be a bit too greasy for a dog’s digestive system. This means that your dog would be fine in terms of their health, but you may have to deal with them enduring some toilet issues, which won’t be fun for either of you.

Fruit prep 

As I have said, most fruits and vegetables are absolutely fine for your pet. However, you need to make sure that you prepare the fruit and vegetables so that they are completely safe. As you may know, fruit and vegetables have stones and seeds inside.  These can be potential choking hazards for your pet and so you should take the necessary steps to make sure that they are not digesting them when they are eating the fruit and vegetables. Not only are the stones and seeds choking habits, but they are also highly toxic for your animal and can include trace amounts of toxins that hurt animals a lot more than they hurt humans, so be sure to be wary.  

Fruit and vegetables safe for cats 

Cats are a bit more difficult when it comes to food as they are limited in what they can eat. Cats are carnivores which means they won’t be as inclined to eat fruits and vegs as they are meat, but with any animal, they are curious which means that they can be inclined to eat any food that you put in front of them.  

 Due to this fact, it is important to make sure that you are careful about what your pet eats. When it comes to cats then you will want to make sure that the food that they do eat is cooked. So if your cat shows interest in asparagus, make sure that they are at least steamed so that they don’t get sick. The same can be said about other harder veg such as carrots, as this is difficult for your pet to eat and can lead to choking.  


It is likely that most of your pets are going to be carnivores, because of this none of the meat that you have within your house will be safe. This can be extremely annoying if you are trying to prepare or marinate your meat on the side as they love to help themselves.  However, it is extremely dangerous for your cats to eat raw or undercooked food, so be sure to make sure that any meat that you leave out is cooked so that your cat doesn’t get ill, remember that animals have digestive systems just like humans and can easily get sick.  

Dogs and meat

Dogs are a lot easier when it comes to feeding them meat. They are far more resilient than a cat or smaller animal. However, you still need to make sure that they are not being heavily exposed to fatty meats that can potentially ruin their cholesterol and make them sick. 


The Most Exotic Fish you can Keep as a Pet.   

Buying a new fish as a pet always seems like it will be an easy-going and relaxed experience. However,  if you are buying anything more than your standard goldfish you may need to think about whether or not you can handle looking after a more exotic fish. When it comes to having any form of fish as a pet you should be doing research into each and every required procedure to make sure that you are providing your new animal with a quality life. Exotic fish may have different needs that require your attention so you should always speak to a professional and buy from a credible source who can help with getting the right tank and care routine set up.  

It is a common misconception that you can simply put any fish in water and that caring for a fish is a process that isn’t very strenuous, this really isn’t the case and without making sure you are well researched into the subject of looking after an exotic fish you, unfortunately, run the risk of your new pet dying before you have had the chance to look after it.  

Rainbow Shark 

The rainbow shark is an exotic freshwater fish that has become very popular as a household pet. However, this fish actually has some very specialized needs within its care routine and requirements to live as happy a life as a fish can. These small fish may sound intimidating as they reference the usually much larger shark but they are normally limited to grow up to six inches with a lifespan of approximately seven years when they are cared for in the proper way and given the minimum fifty gallons of space to fit their territorial nature.  


The discus is another freshwater fish that has been more popular as an aquarium pet in recent years, it is a native aquatic creature to the Amazonian river and as it is a more exotic fish it does have some more specialized needs if you are considering buying one as a pet. The minimum amount of space required for a single discus would have to be fifty gallons as they grow to a much larger size than that of a standard fish, if you are planning on adding any other fish or another discuss I would recommend that you add at least another five to ten gallons to your tank size to make sure they can thrive.  

Dwarf Pufferfish  

The dwarf pufferfish is another great exotic fish that would make for a great pet, they are usually a greenish-yellow color and they are very small reaching a size of just a couple of inches even when they are fully grown. As they are so small they only need a tank of around ten gallons to be happy and thrive. However, when it comes to this cute little fish you have to remember that it may not be the most welcoming to any other fish you may want to get, if you want to get your dwarf puffer a friend I would recommend that you stick to one of the same species.  

Zebra Plecos  

The final exotic fish on this list is the zebra plecos, as the name suggests it is named after its black and white stripe appearance that is very reminiscent of zebra stripes. Within this fish’s natural habitat they enjoy hiding under rocks and sea foliage so you need to make sure that your tank has some things of this nature so that they can feel at home.