Essential House Features to Look For to Accommodate Your Pets

Essential House Features to Look For to Accommodate Your Pets

A house can be called a home if you share it with those that are close to you – including pets!

A typical American household owns at least one kind of pet. In Iowa, more than 50% of people own at least some type of pet.

The figures are expected to go up due to lockdowns resulting in more and more people acquiring pets as a companion.

In that sense, it is essential to consider your pet’s comfort at home.

So, be sure to mention to your realtor about your pets to help you find a home that’s perfect for them.

If you’re a pet parent, this article is for you! This outlines the essential home features that you should be after when moving into a new home.

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Why is it important to make your home pet-friendly?

At least 43% of homeowners are willing to move into a new home with pet-friendly features according to the data obtained by the National Association of Realtors.

As pet ownership goes up, so does the demand for pet-friendly homes.

Comfort is the main reason why you should make your home pet-friendly.

To start with, you have to make sure they have a comfortable space for sleeping. It should be somewhere quiet and spacious where they can comfortably stretch or curl up.

If your home is pet-proofed, your pets will be comfortable, happy, and healthy.

A pet-friendly home is safe for your furry friends. You don’t have to worry about accidents that might result in injury and taking your pet to the vet.

In addition, having a pet as a companion eases loneliness and provides comfort. As a pet owner, it makes you feel responsible and needed which is such a rewarding feeling.

So, be sure to have your home pet-proofed!

What essential home features to look for?

Here are some essential home features to look for to accommodate your pets:

  • Durable Flooring. Luxury vinyl plank is pet-friendly flooring. It is a scratch and water-resistant flooring that can withstand spills or even skidding paws. Also, it’s easy to clean and it comes in many styles. Tile is also a good choice whether it’s porcelain, ceramic, or stone.
  • Stairs. Stairs could pose an obstacle if you have an elderly pet. You can modify the stairs in your home into a ramp to accommodate the needs of your elderly pet. Also, check if stairs are compatible with stair barriers to keep away your pets from going to unsafe places.
  • Fenced Backyard. A fenced backyard is a house feature that you should consider if you own pets. The fence should be higher to prevent Fido from escaping. It would be better if there is some kind of plant next to the fence line to make it harder for your pets to jump.
  • Outside Space. You’re going to need a bigger space for your pets to run around. It has to be an open space so your pets can run freely while playing with them. If the garden is full of stones, make sure it’s pet-safe – larger stone or sharp gravel can hurt your pet’s feet.
  • Plants. Make sure all plants are pet-friendly. Inspect all of the plants in the house to make sure none of them are toxic. Some of the indoor plants that are safe for your pets are spider plant, African violet, cast iron plant, lipstick plant, and bromeliads.

Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Before bringing your pets to your home, you need to make sure the house is safe and comfortable.

Here are a few ways on how to make your home pet-friendly:

  • Keep the house clean. You’re going to need a high-quality vacuum cleaner especially when you have pets that shed a lot.
  • Keep the garbage covered. Use trash cans with a lid to stop your pets from scavenging. Leftover food and other garbage are toxic. So, keep your bins closed at all times.
  • No to light-colored upholstery. Avoid light-colored or white fabrics for your upholstery because they get dirty easily. It is best to choose scratch-free material or faux leather sofas furniture because they don’t absorb odor.
  • Store fragile items safely. Keep fragile items high to avoid your pets from breaking them. Easily breakable things such as picture frames and vases should be kept out of reach of your pets for safety. It is best to keep all the precious in a cabinet or box and keep it somewhere safe.
  • No rugs and carpets. Do not furnish your floor with rugs or carpet because it can accumulate hair and bacteria which is bad for you and your pets.

Wrap Up

If you’re moving to a new home, it is important to consider your pet’s comfort and to make sure that they are safe and comfortable in their own space.

As a pet owner, you must ensure your new home is pet-proofed. Make sure everything in the house is designed for your pets to stay comfortably.

The stairs, outdoor space, fence, plants, and flooring are amongst the most essential home features that you need to inspect before moving in.

So, check it out now and see what you can do to improve your pet’s comfort.