How Do I Eat The Puffer Fish In Zen Koi?

How Do I Eat The Puffer Fish In Zen Koi?

It is possible that the player’s gems button will get stuck if a puffed puffer fish, a leaping teleport fish, or a diving scarab is displayed. It is still possible to eat the bugged prey. By tapping the gems button, the player can eat a shield fish faster if they hit the prey as soon as it hits them.

How Do You Get The Red Puffer Fish In Zen Koi 2?

The fish is plumper than swordfish. Swimming behind them and sneaking up on them is the best way to avoid detection. You will be spotted and inflated if you approach at any angle that is not directly behind them.

What Does Rarity Do In Zen Koi?

Your children’s outcomes are affected by their relationship with you. The’can be tapped on. In the koi detail screen, you can see the symbol next to the ‘Rarity’ title explaining rarity in the game – ‘A higher rarity increases the chance that rare colors will pass on to your children.

How Do You Eat Rockfish In Zen Koi 2?

It is not difficult to eat fish, but each must be hit three times before it can be eaten. You can do it by tapping on them. Experience is big.

How Do You Get Dragons In Zen Koi?

  • Pearls are being advertised for effort-free viewing.
  • The Ascending of koi into dragons is a great way to end the year.
  • A collection of koi is complete.
  • A dragon collection is complete.
  • Obtaining awards is one of the most important tasks.
  • What Is The Point Of Zen Koi?

    In Zen Koi 2, you ascend a koi fish from an egg into a dragon in order to pass time.

    How Do You Get Rare Fish In Zen Koi 2?

  • It is unlikely that you will be able to find rare koi patterns even if you pick up Zen Koi for a relaxing swim among beautiful fish.
  • You should spend pearls on slots, not on new koi…
  • Make sure the slot for the koi is empty.
  • The egg must always be bred, and the egg must always hatch.
  • Make sure your koi’s levels are set up in a certain order.
  • How Do I Get New Patterns In Zen Koi 2?

    As a result of breeding, the new patterns are unlocked: after collecting five or more Koi of a given pattern, a mate of the next pattern will appear on the pond. To unlock a new pattern, the player must hatch at least one Koi.

    How Do You Get Prey Zen Koi?

    If you want to catch up to them, you need five or more of them in quick succession. Rather than chasing them, tap on the ones coming at you. You can stop them if they chase or stick to you. You can do it by tapping on them.

    How Does Rarity Work In Zen Koi 2?

    In order to get a rare colored offspring, the player must possess the player’s color, the mate’s color, and the player’s Rarity attribute at the time of mate selection. A player’s rare fish is chosen for their offspring 80% of the time if it is common and the mate is rare.

    What Does The Love Boost Do In Zen Koi 2?

    In addition to agility and speed bonuses, players can also get two mates per level instead of one with the ability boost. The maximum time it can be boosted is 30 minutes (6 boosts used at once).

    How Do You Become A Dragon In Zen Koi 2?

    In order to ascend a koi into the dragon, the player must feed their fish, craft gems, and expand the pond in order to do so. On the Gems screen, you can see the type and quantity of gems and prey you need to progress through each expansion. As soon as the player’s koi eats enough prey, gems can be crafted there.

    Do Koi Fish Turn Into Dragons?

    There is an ancient tale about a school of golden koi swimming upstream from the Yellow River in China. One koi finally reached the top of the waterfall after 100 years of jumping. As a result of its perseverance and determination, the gods made the koi a golden dragon, the image of strength and power.

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