How Does Santiago Feel About Catching And Eating The Fish?

How Does Santiago Feel About Catching And Eating The Fish?

Santiago feels sorry for the marlin, even though he is determined to kill it. This great fish does not belong to him because the people it will feed are not worthy of it.

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How Does Santiago Feel About The Fish That He Is Doing Battle With?

Santiago begins to think about his adversary as his first full day of fighting with the fish wears on. It is because they both ventured far out beyond the ordinary and into dangerous waters that they consider themselves brothers.

Why Does Santiago Feel That No One Is Worthy Of Eating The Great Fish?

Santiago does not feel that anyone should eat the great fish. They are not worthy because they are not aware of the challenge of the fight and therefore do not know what it is like.

How Does Santiago View The Fish What Are His Feelings About The Fish?

The fish he calls his brother feels a unity with him. The fish play and joke and love one another, and he felt sad when he butchered the marlin (he begged her pardon and did so quickly). The compassion of Santiago is evident.

Why Does Santiago Wish He Had Never Caught The Fish?

Santiago wishes he had never caught the fish. It was eaten by the sharks, and he went out to far to retrieve it. A shark ate the marlin, but the other fishermen thought it was a shark.

Why Does Santiago Want To Catch The Fish?

In contrast to boasting and being proudful, Santiago’s desire to save his pride is not the same. Manolin does not bring him food, so he must catch this fish to save his dignity. He owns virtually nothing and would not even have anything to eat most of the time since he does not own anything.

Does Santiago Feel The Hook Will Kill The Fish?

Santiago believes the hook will kill the fish. Is it possible to say yes? What will?? The marlin is dying from hunger, he said, but he saw it.

Does Santiago Respect The Fish?

Santiago may seem odd to kill a fish that he claims to love and respect. However, his respect comes from the fact that he has never come across a fish so strong or clever, and he values his self-respect as a fisherman more than he does as a fisherman.

How Does Santiago Feel When The Sharks Attack The Fish?

The black spots in his eyes are faint and dizzy. A fish leaps against the line, hitting the boat with its spear as it runs away. Santiago cannot believe the size of the boat when it passes under it.

Why Does Santiago Feel Sorry For The Fish?

It is Santiago’s goal to prove to himself and others that he is worthy of catching and killing such a great fish (just as he is trying to prove himself and others as well). Santiago feels sorry for the marlin as the struggle continues. It is an honor to be considered one of the greatest marlins of all time.

How Does Santiago Feel About The Fish?

Despite Santiago’s belief that the fish is his fortune, he does not wish to touch it. As he drove the harpoon, he thought about how he felt the marlin’s heart. As he thinks about how he and the boy will splice the fishing lines that he now uses to attach the marlin to the skiff, he also thinks about how he and the boy will tie the knot.

Why Does Santiago Pity The Great Fish?

Why? Santiago begins to pity the fish because he can help him with the other lines, baits, etc. Fish are his favorite food and he respects and sympathizes with them.

How Does Santiago Feel About The Sea?

In Santiago’s mind, the sea is a woman’s body. She is always called la mar in Spanish when she is loved by her people. She is always considered feminine by him. It is always said that she is a woman by those who love her, but those who love her say bad things about her.

Why Does Santiago Respect The Fish?

“Fish,” he said, “I love you very much and respect you very much.”. He values his self-respect more than he does the life of the fish, however, because he has never come across a fish so strong or clever as he has.

What Are Santiago’s Expectations About The Fish Coming Up To The Surface?

In the evening, Santiago hopes the fish will surface. Santiago expects the moon to appear if it doesn’t. Santiago hopes the fish will come up with the sunrise if it doesn’t.

What Does Santiago Wish He Could Show The Fish?

To show him how big he was. Santiago wishes he could show the fish. The great fish should be killed on the end of his line.

Does Santiago Catch Fish?

Santiago takes his skiff out early on the eighty-fifth day of his unlucky streak. A marlin is the big fish he catches by noon, but he can’t reel it in because it’s too big. The fish he catches are usually eaten with his other hooks. He is cut on his hands, his body is sore, and he sleeps little because of the line.

Why Does Santiago Wish To Take DiMaggio For Fishing?

“I would like to take DiMaggio fishing,” the old man said, “and I know that his father was a fisherman.”. Santiago looks to DiMaggio for motivation several times during his time at sea. Santiago admires DiMaggio’s ability to play professional baseball despite the pain of bone spurs that he suffers from.

Why Did Santiago Feel That The Fish Had A Perfect Right To Kill Him?

Santiago felt that the fish had a right to kill him because he was homosexual. There is a lot of respect he has for the fish, so it is natural that he would respect it. Santiago was successful in harpooning the fish. He killed the fish at its heart, yes.

Is Santiago A Worthy Rival Of The Marlin?

Despite his admiration for the marlin’s beauty and endurance, Santiago tells the fish repeatedly that he must kill it even though he loves it. Santiago is ultimately presented with a worthy opponent in the marlin. Santiago’s struggle with the marlin is actually a struggle with himself, as well.

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