Get Rid of Pet Damage Ahead of Selling Your House

How To Get Rid of Pet Damage Ahead of Selling Your House

If you’re anything like me, you consider your pets to be more part of the family than even some of your actual relations. Be it a cat, dog, lizard or parakeet, your friend spends most of their time with you in your home and sometimes accidents can happen and any pet-friendly home will have permanent reminders that this is a mixed-species property.

This is all well and good while you and your family are living there, but what about when you are looking to sell? Most buyers won’t get too excited at the prospect of a house covered in fur and scratch marks, so how can you get rid of all this pet damage? Here I have a few quick tips to help you get your home ready to sell.

Repair Any Damage

This seems like a very obvious step, but it is still one to think about. Sure, you will be very aware of any scratched sofas or chewed up carpet, but prospective buyers are much more likely to find damage you weren’t even aware of!

Take yourself on a house tour through your property and try to look around as a fresh set of eyes. I recommend bringing a friend along for this, as you may be blind to some of the damage your furry friend has caused.

Deep Clean Your Home

While a huge percentage of air fresheners and odor-removers will claim to eliminate pet odor, anyone who has used them or who owns a pet will know that these smells run deeper than the range of a Febreze bottle. The best thing to do here is to clean any surface, floor or piece of furniture which has any sort of fabric covering it – anything that can hold a scent.

Hire Some Professionals

This is recommended for any house sale, but especially if you are a fan of pet pals. Professionals have the training and equipment to get your house looking and smelling as fresh as the day you bought it.

This is a lot more expensive than doing it yourself, but once you add up the man-hours required to deep clean an entire property, you will quickly realise that the professional route is the most efficient and effective method.

If you have any hard-wood or laminate flooring it will also be worth considering a company who offer wood treatment/waxing services. Claw scratches are one of the toughest issues to solve with untrained hands, so make sure you’re fully covered and get it all done at once!

Point of Sale

While you are conducting viewings of your house, there are some further precautions you can take to try and get that sale finalised. Even with your spotless house and all of its replaced furniture, your animal family member can continue to depreciate the value of your property.

Hide the Evidence!

Before any of your scheduled viewings happen, it is a very good idea to remove any and all pet-based items from sight. Be it dog bowls, boxes of food or your cat’s favorite scratching post, hiding it all away can help any potential buyers feel more comfortable viewing your home in a slightly clandestine manner.

Taking your pet out and having friends or family look after them for the duration of any viewings is also highly recommended unless your buyers are explicitly looking for a pet-friendly home. Just because your nose can’t pick up your pet’s scent any more doesn’t mean that everyone else can’t smell it, and it isn’t worth the risk of scaring a buyer away.

Maybe Don’t Even Worry About it

If all this sounds like too much work, there are other options! For example, there are companies that buy houses for cash in Connecticut who will take your property, irregardless of the state it is in. There are also Realtors who offer services to sort out your property for you – for a price.

Alternatively, advertising your home as pet-friendly can end up being a great blessing for you, as since the pandemic a huge amount of people are moving home and finding pet-friendly properties is difficult to the point where many buyers will ignore any existing pet damage if it means they can move house!