The Most Exotic Fish you can Keep as a Pet.   

Buying a new fish as a pet always seems like it will be an easy-going and relaxed experience. However,  if you are buying anything more than your standard goldfish you may need to think about whether or not you can handle looking after a more exotic fish. When it comes to having any form of fish as a pet you should be doing research into each and every required procedure to make sure that you are providing your new animal with a quality life. Exotic fish may have different needs that require your attention so you should always speak to a professional and buy from a credible source who can help with getting the right tank and care routine set up.  

It is a common misconception that you can simply put any fish in water and that caring for a fish is a process that isn’t very strenuous, this really isn’t the case and without making sure you are well researched into the subject of looking after an exotic fish you, unfortunately, run the risk of your new pet dying before you have had the chance to look after it.  

Rainbow Shark 

The rainbow shark is an exotic freshwater fish that has become very popular as a household pet. However, this fish actually has some very specialized needs within its care routine and requirements to live as happy a life as a fish can. These small fish may sound intimidating as they reference the usually much larger shark but they are normally limited to grow up to six inches with a lifespan of approximately seven years when they are cared for in the proper way and given the minimum fifty gallons of space to fit their territorial nature.  


The discus is another freshwater fish that has been more popular as an aquarium pet in recent years, it is a native aquatic creature to the Amazonian river and as it is a more exotic fish it does have some more specialized needs if you are considering buying one as a pet. The minimum amount of space required for a single discus would have to be fifty gallons as they grow to a much larger size than that of a standard fish, if you are planning on adding any other fish or another discuss I would recommend that you add at least another five to ten gallons to your tank size to make sure they can thrive.  

Dwarf Pufferfish  

The dwarf pufferfish is another great exotic fish that would make for a great pet, they are usually a greenish-yellow color and they are very small reaching a size of just a couple of inches even when they are fully grown. As they are so small they only need a tank of around ten gallons to be happy and thrive. However, when it comes to this cute little fish you have to remember that it may not be the most welcoming to any other fish you may want to get, if you want to get your dwarf puffer a friend I would recommend that you stick to one of the same species.  

Zebra Plecos  

The final exotic fish on this list is the zebra plecos, as the name suggests it is named after its black and white stripe appearance that is very reminiscent of zebra stripes. Within this fish’s natural habitat they enjoy hiding under rocks and sea foliage so you need to make sure that your tank has some things of this nature so that they can feel at home.