Top 6 Child Friendly Cats

For many children, their cat is their best friend. Being a cat owner can teach a child lots of valuable lessons about empathy, care and love. And some children find it easier to share their feelings with a pet than a person, meaning they’re great companions for those ups and downs of childhood. There are other benefits for children too; pet ownership can reduce the risk of asthma and allergies in young children and studies have shown that those kids who have pets, have fewer days off school sick.

Almost every cat breed has the potential to make a good family pet but there are some breeds which are more ideally suited for life in a busy house with children than others. These six breeds are our top picks for child friendly cats:

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cats – also known as Abys – are one of the most playful and affectionate cat breeds around. The common theory regarding how they got to Britain is that British soldiers brought them to the UK from Abyssinia (which is now known as Ethiopia) in 1868.

They are very active cats when compared to others and they will show a keen interest in what any children nearby are doing. Because of their short hair, they are low maintenance and do not require money spending on equipment such as cat clippers. They don’t make good lap cats as they generally always just want to play – which means they’re great friends for active kids (and adults!). They are loyal animals who love to learn new things, and you might even be able to teach them a few tricks which will keep everyone entertained at home.

Persian Cats

Originating from the UK and famous all around the world thanks to their cute features, Persian cats are loved universally. But a cute face is not the only good quality they have; they are considered incredibly peaceful and calming animals. Persian cats are known to crave human companionship and become friends with children quickly. Various studies have shown these beautiful creatures to be exceptionally tolerant and patient with even the most hyperactive of kids and have been shown to instil some of their characteristic calmness in children who are otherwise hard to tame! They therefore make an excellent choice for a bustling family home and young active children.

They can be more docile than other cats, but they have no problem integrating themselves into a busy household. They enjoy having someone to take care of them and love being fussed and stroked, which means they’re an all round favourite with little ones.

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats fall in the temperamental range between the Persian and Abyssinian cats. They are not overly active and not extremely quiet either, and kids can happily spend time with them playing because of their playful nature and gentle temperament. They look similar to Persian cats because they derived from a Persian and Siamese crossing. They love games like fetch and mouse-fishing but can get tired if the games stretch on for too long.

Although they like to spend most of their time outdoors, they do not like doing so on their own. Their family-oriented nature means they like to hang out with people instead of spending time on their lonesome. It is easy to keep them entertained though. Once they establish an emotional attachment with someone, they are loyal breeds and therefore, bond exceptionally well with children.

Maine Coon Cats

Most people do not consider Maine Coon cats child friendly because of their huge size. But that’s just a misconception. They are gentle giants. Maine Coons are very intelligent and playful creatures which makes them an excellent choice for young children who want a pet to stay active and would like a companion to play with them at home. Another advantage they have is that you do not have to spend a lot of time to train them in new things. They are easy going when it comes to learning and behaviour. Good at playing most of the animal games, they also have a dog-like loyal nature and follow their owners from place to place but will not bother you much. They are happy to be on their own but ever-willing to participate in any activity you want; therefore, they are great for all types of families.

Manx Cats

Manx cats are considered to be the most closely related to dogs in their nature, which becomes an advantage for families looking for pets for their children. They have an independent nature and like to climb a lot so don’t be surprised if you find them on top of a cupboard or a table. But they want to play outdoor games and follow instructions just like a dog, and that makes them an excellent choice for kids. These games don’t just include the common ones such as fetch; they are known to have excellent problem-solving skills, so puzzles and finding toys are also within their scope. They are one of the few breeds that do not have a tail and are considered the originator of this trait, with a long history to their name. If they feel some threat to someone within the family, they become very protective and may growl or even attack the person they consider as a threat.

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are considered one of the most active cat breeds in the world and can provide entertainment for your child for many hours! They are hyperactive, especially when they have new surroundings and they love to explore. Siamese originated from the UK in the 1960s and have short hair, which means they are easy to maintain in a family with young children. They bond well with their owners and will spend a lot of time talking to you when you get back home. They do not make much noise and have a low pitched voice, which is an added advantage.