What Fish Can I Keep With Cichlids?

What Fish Can I Keep With Cichlids?

An African Cichlid aquarium can benefit from the addition of catfish. Although the African Cichlid is known for its aggression, the larger catfish species are compatible tank mates and generally contribute to maintaining the quality of water.

What Bottom Feeders Can Live With Cichlids?

Plecos. The African Cichlids are ideal for using in a pleco. As they feed on algae with gusto, the tank will not only stay clean, but will also be peaceful since they are bottom feeders.

Can You Mix Cichlids?

If you want to avoid eating each other, mix the cichlids in a similar size. Water conditions in Lake Tanganyika in Africa’s Great Rift Valley are the same for the world’s largest and smallest cichlids. To ensure survival, mix cichlids at least two-thirds the size of their tank mates.

Can You Keep Cichlids With Tropical Fish?

Keep no more than one species of cichlid – even nonaggressive species can become territorial with other fish of the same or similar species if they are kept in the same place. Make sure there are plenty of females to choose from so that the ratio of males to females is 1:3 – having too many males of any species could be problematic.

What Kind Of Catfish Can Go With African Cichlids?

There are a number of catfish that can be used as African cichlids’ tankmates, including spotted Raphael catfish, hifin catfish, upside down catfish, ocellifer catfish, and spotted catfish. In the aquarium, these catfish will feed heavily on algae, but they will require supplementary feeding once the algae have been grazed.

Can Upside Down Catfish Live With African Cichlids?

This odd swimming style is why Upside-Down Synodontis Catfish is called Upside-Down Synodontis Catfish. This catfish won’t do as well with African Cichlids as the two mentioned previously, but it’s an excellent addition to tanks with a lower pH, ranging from 6 to 8. 0 – 7.

Can You Keep Bass With Cichlids?

Peacock Bass are also well suited to large cichlid displays. As well as being gentle with each other, Cichlids are also very affectionate. Peacock Bass can easily be kept together in a small group if you have enough space. Peacock Bass and Arowanas both grow rapidly and have predatory instincts.

What Scavengers Can Live With Cichlids?

  • The Loaches of Botia (Clown Loach).
  • A shark called the Red Tail Shark.
  • Danios made of giant fruit.
  • A red-eyed Tetra species from Africa.
  • Pleco.
  • Catfish scavenger (Upside-down catfish).
  • A leopard bush-fish.
  • What Algae Eaters Can Live With Cichlids?

    Ancistrus spruell is the best algae eater for the African cichlid tank, and it is without a doubt the best algae eater. Although they originate from south America, they are one of the few algae eaters that can adapt to the African cichlid’s water parameters and behavior as well.

    Can Plecos Live With Cichlids?

    The combination of plecos and cichlids usually works well. Small plecos and kribs are also compatible with each other, thanks to the small size of the krib. Small and hardy, the dwarf pleco or otto cat (Ottocinclus spp) is also a small fish. Small cichlids will be able to tolerate a group of these.

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