What Fish Can I Keep With Discus?

What Fish Can I Keep With Discus?

Cardinal tetras, neons, emperors, rummynose tetras, clown loaches and dwarf cichlids, such as rams and Apistogramma species, are some suitable aquarium mates. The fish in this group can cope with high temperatures and low pH/hardness requirements.

How Many Discus Fish Should Be Kept Together?

A good way to keep discs together is to keep them in the same place, and those of different varieties will also share the same soil, so you can have great color variations. It is recommended that you use at least five, but more will look better and make the group stronger.

Can You Keep Discus In A Community Tank?

The discus fish are generally considered peaceful species ideal for the community tank, but some varieties can be a little territorial when they are breeding.

Can Discus Be Kept With Angelfish?

The fish are usually peaceful, but they can be aggressive when they are fed and raised. Angelfish may not provide food to discus fish, which are docile and can be deprived of food. If you want to put them together, make sure the discus fish is eating them.

Can I Keep 3 Discus?

A registered user. However, you may invite some serious aggression andharmful behavior from the hierarchy, resulting in problems. When you keep just two or three, you can expect 1 or 2 of them to be badly treated by 1 or 2 others, which can cause a lot of stress and even result in a fatality.

Can Discus And Tetras Live Together?

The tetras usually do just fine in warm Discus tanks, even though some hobbyists recommend slightly lower temperatures for Rummynoses than Discus. A few aquarists like to keep Rummynose tetras with their Discus because they are easy to detect when water quality is poor.

Can You Put Guppies With Discus?

I have done it myself and the guppies should work just fine with the discus. It is generally too high for them, and it shortens their lives. I think it’s a combination of fish that suits you,!

Can I Put Discus In A Community Tank?

A discus is a cichlid, which means it cares for its eggs and protects them from other animals. Discus are community fish and are safe to eat, but they only work if the conditions are met first.

Can I Put Gouramis With Discus?

Gouramis gouramis grow quite large, but dwarf gouramis are small, translucent fish that can be used as discus fish. In the event of breeding, discus fish can become territorial, but since they will be left alone, they will live peacefully together.

Do Discus Fish Need To Be In Groups?

Discus are the same fish as any other, and these are the very basic rules: Keep them in groups since they are a shoaling fish. Discus will eat a lot of food if you feed him well. Don’t let your hands get in the way of the tank.

Can You Keep Two Discus Together?

Two discus fish in this size will not live happily or for a long time, but you can keep two baby discus fish in a 15-gallon tank if they are not fully grown. If you want discus fry to grow well, you should clean the tank water regularly or install a high-quality filter to prevent dirt from entering.

Can A Discus Fish Live Alone?

It is recommended that schools keep a few discus in their possession. The group seems to be more comfortable and less stressed out when the water is very clean. Swimming in the middle or front should be more common when they are less stressed. A community-planted tank is not often filled with beautiful discus.

Can I Keep A Pair Of Discus?

The 20-gallon tank can easily hold two discus fish, as well as accessories for the discus tank. It is ideal for a pair of fish to live and play in this tank size. It is also harmful to the parents of discus fish fry after a few weeks, so you should separate them from their parents in another tank.

Which Fish Can Be Kept With Discus?

Behavior/Compatibility Some aquarium mates that are suitable for the aquarium include cardinal tetras, neons, emperors, and rummynose tetras, as well as clown loaches and dwarf cichlids, such as rams and Apistogrammas. The fish in this group can cope with high temperatures and low pH/hardness requirements.

What Fish Can Be Kept With Angelfish?

A variety of medium-sized catfish can be found in tanks, including tetras and rasboras, gouramis, peaceful barbs, rainbowfish, corydoras, and others. In larger aquariums, angelfish can also be kept with discus if the temperature is maintained above 82F.

Can You Keep 3 Discus Fish?

Three discus fish can be kept in a 30-gallon tank. Keeping them in their tanks regularly will allow you to breed them and care for them in the best way possible. It is possible that discus will survive if you increase the number of discus in your tank, but it will not be ideal.

How Many Discus Should I Keep Together?

A rule of thumb being followed by most discus fish care experts is “1 discus per 10 gallons of water.”. ” This does not apply to everyone. If you have a hundred gallon tank, you can use it. Thus, you would only need 10 full size discus for that.

Can You Keep 4 Discus?

A pH monitor that is digital is also recommended for all Discus keepers. Discus grow quickly, and some varieties can reach over 8 inches in length in a large aquarium. Discus can be kept in aquariums of 50 gallons or more if they are to reach their full adult size.

Can You Keep Discus In Pairs?

Discus can grow to the size of saucers, as they are tall, have shoaling needs, and have appetites that require large tanks, ideally four feet long and two feet high. Ideally, you should keep them in groups of five or more, and ideally ten or more, so that they are not quarreling and pecking at each other.

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